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Best Method to Apply CU to Default Client Package for Use in Console Pushes & OSD

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Good Morning Guys / Niall -
A couple of months ago, I applied CU4 to our SCCM 2012 R2 environment and this past weekend, CU5 mostly due to the IsCacheCopyNeeded issue. When applying the CUs, I'm extremely thorough in my procedure and remediate to ensure that every single of our ~1000 clients receives the update if at all possible.
There's only one part of the process I don't fully understand - the best method to apply the CU's MSP for future console pushes and OSD. I did some research and below are the three most common (individual) solutions I've found:

1. Copy MSP into a subfolder for each client source (\x64 & \i386). I've found posts where the folder should be named "hotfix", posts where it should be named "ClientPatch", and one post saying to create and copy it into both folders. The theory is that similar to the Office installation, once the primary installer completes, it searches pre-defined paths for MSP patches and applies them. I currently have both folders in my source and only have the latest CU MSP in them. Supposedly, this should ensure that all OSD deployments and console pushes will install the latest client by default so there's no need for a 2nd advertisement

Example of where to place CU MSPs:

- \\SCCMPrimaryServert\SMS_ABC\Client\i386\ClientPatch\configmgr2012ac-r2-kb3054451-i386.msp

- \\SCCMPrimaryServert\SMS_ABC\Client\i386\hotfix\configmgr2012ac-r2-kb3054451-i386.msp

- \\SCCMPrimaryServert\SMS_ABC\Client\x64\ClientPatch\configmgr2012ac-r2-kb3054451-i386.msp

- \\SCCMPrimaryServert\SMS_ABC\Client\x64\hotfix\configmgr2012ac-r2-kb3054451-i386.msp


2. For OSD: Add step in OSD TS for client update package. This one is pretty straight forward. Never update the default client package and simply add a step in OSD for the update package which the CU creates


3. For Console Pushes & everything else - Maintain a query-based collection for all clients which are out of date. For it, always have an open advertisement for each of the latest (x64 & x86) client upgrade packages

So - which of the above (if any) are the best solution? There are countless guides online for applying CUs for SCCM, but I haven't found any which discuss how to apply the CU to future client installs once the site has been completely updated.
Any comments, suggestions, or anything else would be much appreciated - Thanks!

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