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I'm in a weird situation :unsure: . This morning we found out our primary 1 has lost many desktops(75% of the company systems) from the console(do not know the exact reason yet). So at the end of the day we started recovering the primary 1(site server and data base) with the backups and it was successful.

We were about to say woohoo, lets wrap it up and go home :( ...But

As soon as the primary 1 restored all the data from backup files, CAS started replicating the current data (25% data) making the primary go back to the messed up state. Now, we do not want to recover the CAS and the primary 2 to bring the primary 1 up.

It will be very helpful to know, if there are any other options left for me to try(before the sun rise).

Any help



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That is a tough quesiton to answer in a forum, I suggest that you call Microsoft Support and create a case to get help sorting it out..

Not easy to answer without a lot more information..


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