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Hi Everyone


Strange problem we seem to be getting - wonder if anyone else has found the same issue...


  • Standard task sequence for deploying Windows 7 x86 and some standard software, used on 7 remote sites each using a local distribution point
  • One site seems to keep failing, on installing a custom application.
  • Same task sequence works on other sites without issue on same make and model of machine
  • Rebuilt the distribution point onto the same hardware, from Svr2008 up to Svr2012R2 - still failed task sequence
  • Built a new DP as a virtual machine for testing - distributed content needed - failed the task sequence
  • Convert the application to a package and it works fine! - but that seems to be a step backwards, and the TS works without issue at all other sites!

Anyone have any ideas on what to look at or try?




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We are having the same issue. 2 of our remote sites work perfectly with the same applications, but 1 fails consistently on applications installed during OSD for laptops.. Desktop's seem to image just fine.

The logging on the Status Advertisement shows "The operating system reported error 5: Access is denied." for all applications in the Task Sequence. I can push the same applications after the imaging is done and they install just fine.

Boundaries, and all the other usual stuff seem to be set up properly. Switches are set up for PortFast.

The only thing i can think of that sticks out is that the newer laptops are coming with SSD's and the desktops do not. But those same models seem to work fine at the other sites.

Hopefully someone has solved this one..

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