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help uninstall java 8.0.45 using batch file

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Hi guys, I've packaged up an Uninstall batch script and i'm using the following command in the .batch file

msiexec.exe /X{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F83218045F0} /qn /norestart

then in my command line in SCCM i have:

runas /user:"Administrator" uninstall.bat

I have tried it with just


and that still didn't work :-(


I have attached my AppDiscoveryLog


Any help is much appreciated - thank you in advance



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Why would you need to use a batch file to uninstall?


If you're using SCC '07 just create a collection where that version of Java is installed (Listed in Programs and Features I believe is the option) and create a Package where the Program command line is your msi.exe uninstall string.

If you're using SCCM '12 just create an Application with the MSI (if you have it) and the uninstall will be populated. Then just deploy the Application selected "Uninstall" during the wizard.


IMO I try to avoid using batch files as it tends to overcomplicate simple tasks sometimes. I can elaborate more if the above isn't clear

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