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Network driver issue.

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I have recently purchased four Lenovo X250 laptops. Out of the box they work fine.

But as soon as i want to deploy Windows 7 Pro on them its goes sour.


I'm using SCCM 2012 R2, so with WinPE v5.

I have downloaded the SCCM package from the Lenovo site: http://support.lenovo.com/nl/nl/downloads/ds102120

The i have downloaded the WinPE package: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds102312


Then i imported the SCCM drivers into SCCM via the wizard. Did the same for the WinPE drivers.

Created 2 separate driver packages to be sure there are no mix ups and to easily see which one i need for the boot image.

After that i saw that the name of the driver is not correct according the name of the network interface on the X250. The driver says its a i217-lm but the already installed Windows says its the i218-lm version.

I looked at the driver specifics and found that the i217-lm driver i have downloaded also works on the i218-lm.


So i hopefully boot a new laptop en hit F12 and select the network interface for booting. The WIM file is being download. So far so good.

But then it stops and reboots....

After a couple of new attemps i hit F8 to get a command prompt and see what the logfiles have to say. PxeGetPxeData failed with 0x80004005

Allright, no network connection, now that's weird. Because i added the driver that i downloaded from the Lenovo site.

When i try to initiate the driver in the command prompt with drvload e1d64x64.inf and then do an ipconfig /all i get an ip address and all.


I'm stuck at this for a couple of days now and i can't get my head around it.

It is very possible that 'm doing something wrong because its my first time troubleshooting SCCM 2012.


I hope someone can help me with this. :)

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You need to edit the e1d64x64.inf file (DriverVer = 09/29/2014, from the PE package and delete everything in the [ControlFlags] section. After that you will be able to import the driver correctly to the SCCM database and to inject it to your boot image.

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I've just had this exact problem (although with a Dell E7250).


Are you happy that the drivers imported without error?


I had to apply a hotfix to my 2008 R2 based server: (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2837108 found via https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3025419).


After this, e1d64x64.inf imported correctly and the computer picked up an IP address in WinPE as expected.

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