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By any chance... I am deploying new OS and when I give a name to the new computer before running the task sequence, for some reason if have more than 8 characters when applying the new OS the task sequence fails.


Is there any way I can override and set it to take more characters?


I noticed it fails during the applying Operating System step

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Whereabouts in your task sequence are you trying to set OSDComputeName? My sequence goes: partition disk -> Apply OS -> OSDComputerName -> Drivers -> windows settings -> network settings -> Setup Windows and Configuration Manager.


I use a script to pull the name from the BIOS AssetTag field (or the serial number) which is over 8 characters and have no issues. The only thing to bear in mind is, if your domain joining the device the name needs to be under 15 characters - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/909264

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