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SCCM Configuration 2012- Older Software Deployment and Printer Deployment

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I am new to SCCM, and in need of some advice. I work for a small school district, and we have older software that we use for our elementary students. I am trying to use Type to Learn 3 Client with SCCM, and I am having a bit of trouble making it work. Just a little background info, we have Type to Learn 3 installed on a server, and each student machine has the client on the machine in the student directory. I have to point the client to the server for the program to work correctly. I have Googled the subject, and found that there is no msi file available, which would be an easier install. I tried to install the old version, however when I try to open it on a student machine, I receive the error message Wing32dll file is missing. I'm guessing this is a graphics file. I tried to go in and find the missing file on the cd however, I haven't been successful. Can anyone give me a step by step guide, on how to install older software in sccm, and deploy it to Windows 7 work stations. I also would like to setup our printers in sccm, and deploy those to our workstations as well. Otherwise, I will have to touch every machine in the district, and that equals one person to 500 machines. Any step by step guides, or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated in getting me prepared for the upcoming school year. I have Googled the subject but nothing seems to fit my issues. Thank you in advance for your help!!



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