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Capturing Windows 7 - Using SCCM 2012 R2 Capture Media iso


Hello everyone!


I have been deploying Windows 7 for quite a while now, and every time i encounter some kind of issues. Therefore i would like to ask for some help with my questions.


My Deployment scenario:


1. - Install Windows 7 SP1 on Hyper-V

2. - Log on as Administrator and Update OS with all required updates (PC is in WG)

3. - When updates are installed, i configure Local Administrator profile (I only install few extra applications, so i would consider this a thin image)

4. - When system is configured, i add Capture Image .iso file to my Hyper-v and start included .exe

5. - Click through the wizard and successfully capture Windows 7 Pro x64 or x86

6 - The i Add newly created wim to SCCM and distribute the content.

7 - Install OS over PXE


My questions:


1. Why, every time after creating new image (after every 3-4 month) - my answerfile fails to be processed on install with the new image (errors pop out around Specialize phase -[ Shell_setup]) - this means i have to create a brand new package containing basically the same answerfile - and this somehow fixes this error for me..


2. - Why would i run sysprep (Audit mode) before configuring / capturing my image, if SCCM Capture media does by it self.

2.1 When is the best time to run SCCM Capture Media. I have read a lot of forums with people suggesting to get into Audit mode before even installing SP1)?


3. Why some of created wim images are failing to create .clg catalog file - when imported into SIM? (What are the main causes)


Sorry for my bad english, it is very hard for me to compile my thoughts into OK questions. :)


I assume that the best answer to my question would be a short version of my own Deployment scenario, only written by you guys ;)


Thank you in advance!

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Thanks for the reply! I do not follow the steps above every time.

I built whole infrastructure so that i have a clean build - where to debug my problems easier. :)


At the moment everything seems to be OK, only question i still have is:

In which state, should i capture my OS? At the moment i have installed all updates, + done some minor configuration.


Should i run sysprep Audit mode first or capture Windows as is (While logged on as local Admin)?

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