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Create/ Image/ Sysprep Win 8.1 & Win 10 VHDs WIMs for Native Boot on Surface Pro 3 for isolated activities without huge server setup?

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Create/ Image/ Sysprep Win 8.1 & Win 10 VHDs WIMs for Native Boot on Surface Pro 3 for isolated activities without huge server setup?

Previously what I have done:

So, I have a bunch of Win 8/8.1 VHDs/ WIMs that I guess I can Sysprep natively or Sysprep/ Hardware/ Clean out in a VM.

These are setup with lots of applications and settings that I can't and do not wish to replicate from scratch.

Normally, its as simple as dropping these Sysprepped VHDs onto a machine, then booting, installing drivers manually.

Before I drop VHDs to a new machine, I just test "Fresh" Win 8.1 VHDs on them (Created with Simple XImage/ DISM > apply image from fresh Install source) to see how the fresh Installs workout on new hardware and update their drivers before I try that with my Special VHDs.

Then BCDBOOT steps and get it to boot and then install my drivers.

Even VHDs <> WIMs seemed relatively simple.

Equipment Etc

I have Win 8.1, DISM, just downloaded MDT (not usage experience) and can get the ADK etc that I am seeing on the forums.

Without have an extensive SCCM or PXE/ Deployment Server setup etc. I'd like to do the following..

Note: I do have an ancient Synology CS407 and there is some material out there on putting PXE Server on top, but I want Native boot VHDs, not to wipe out the existing SP3 disk structure.

Story So far with Surface Pro 3:

Lack of simple instructions on how to setup VHDs or convert Sysprepped WIM images to VHDs that can native boot on an Surface Pro 3

I am guessing with your expertise it might be served the right steps.

I realized thanks to this link by Thurrot that SPro 3 has extensive lock down and default Bitlocker.

So, I just disabled Bitlocker on the C:\ and the Fresh Win 8 VHD I created.

Disabled Secure Boot.

Havent disabled TPM as yet.

Does something else/ something special need to be done to Create & Native Boot VHDs on Surface Pro3? (Drivers??)

I did notice the videos and downloaded some of the Deployment Guides for Surface Pro 3 but they are extensive and needed for large number of devices.

I am just starting to play with the Surface Pro 3 and being able to experiment and native boot on 'separate' .VHDs/.VHDXs would be great.

Please guide me on what needs to be done additionally/ differently as compared to the simple (ImageX or DISM) steps outlined above.

Does the VHD or WIM image needs to be injected with SPro3 Drivers? Is that it, then please point me to a How To or steps to do so?

So far, all I get are black screens (frozen/ hung native boot) or red screens (disabled Secure Boot) or frozen screens when I try to boot from the Fresh VHDs.

Thoughts and advise please?

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I've been reading that article since last year :) Ha ha! many more like them.. But I did not get to connect with a Guru such as your self.


Anyways, there's some positive news. For some reason the previous GPT/ UEFI VHDs I had created were messing up with SP3 native boot. Add to that the Bitlocker drama that SP3 has inherent, caused additional trouble. So, I UNDID all of SP3's Bitlocker drama.


After that, I created a few more "Brand New VHDs" on SP3 in various different ways that I could find on the web. Some with GUI/ DiskMgmt some with DiskPartition Vdisk commands and so on. (I will try and post the ones that really worked).


After a lot of experimentation, I found that I was missing 1/2 small things and finally got a "Fresh Win 8.1" to Native Boot on the Sp3.. Yaay! (PS: Which Driver Package/ Files should I use for this? The June download has bunch of different Files: Zip, MSI etc.


Of course, now I know its possible via DISM :) I just need to rinse repeat this 1/2 more times to be sure :)


ANYWAYS, since I am in a timezone thats 12 hours away from the US right now, I am hoping that by the time I wake up I will have WISDOM from you for the next step:


I have specific Physical OS in Single partition (MBR/BIOS) with bunch of Specialized Apps and Configurations/ Settings that are not easily to replicate.


Previously, I have used Sysprep/ OOBE and Disk2VHD to pull this into a VM (Hyper V/ VMWare).


1. Now, this is the key question.. Given that VHDs can be MBR or GPT.. But, .WIMs are not MBR or GPT.. right, they are file based. Not sector based.

I am wondering if instead of pulling this into a VHD (like I did with Disk2VHD), I can somehow pull this into a .WIM using DISM or MDT (without Drivers/ Hardware Profile)?


2. If I can do that, then I could use that Special WIM (which is free from MBR/ GPT) drama and APPLY it to a BLANK GPT VHD that works/ is present on the SP3 ?


Are these steps valid? That way I dont have to do a MBR > GPT conversion of the VHD and try to get it all to boot?


Thoughts? If its possible.. then please let me know what kind of DISM command-line / shell stuff or MDT stuff would I have to use for STEPS 1 & 2.


Thanks in advance and I really appreciate all your help.

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:) Please do respond to the posts I made after your reply :)


In short:


I figured out how to get VHDs (with Fresh Win 8.1 Installs via Install.WIM Apply Image) to Native Boot on Sp3.


I am going to attempt doing the following:


MBR [Customized Win 8.1] (Physical) > Create Image > [Customized Win 8.1 .WIM] (Virtual - File based so - No sectors or MBR/GPT?? ).


[Customized Win 8.1 .WIM] (Virtual) > Apply Image > [Empty New GPT .VHD] (on SP3)

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