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Application - script installer type behaviour

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Hi everyone,


Having a bit of trouble trying to find a concrete answer on this with my Googlefu.


We've got a handful of applications that are using .vbs or .bat files for installs.


What we're finding is that using the "script installer" deployment type appears to run everything in user context - regardless of whether or not 'install for system' is used.


Is this the usual behaviour for the script installer deployment type?


Some of the installs are failing as they are running under user context and don't have the rights to do what's needed.


Our mandate is to have everything loaded as an application so creating a package is not an option.




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I have several applications are using script installer deployment types. The appenforce.log always says running command line in user context, but I think they are actually running in the system context because they all work when non admin users are logged on.


BTW I normally choose "Install for system" and "whether or not a user is logged on"

Also these are device deployments, not user.

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