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Configuring Primary DNS Server

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I've been tasked with migrating a customer off of server 2008 R2 to Server 2012 R2. All FSMO roles have been transferred to the newly created Server 2012 R2 DC's and replication is taking place. Tomorrow, I would like to migrate dns off of the 2008 boxes. The scopes have replicated to the new dns servers, but how to I make sure the clients get pointed to the 2012 dns servers once I take the 2008 servers offline? I do have dns integrated into AD.

I'm stuck at the "ensuring primary dns server" becomes my 2012 DC.


Would the below powershell command set this across the domain?


Set-dnsclientserveraddress –interfaceindex 15 –serveraddress (“xx.xx.xx.xx”,”xx.xx.xx.xx”)


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank to everyone!

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I don't know your particular setup, but typically clients would get their DNS server addresses via DHCP. So you'd want to go into AD DHCP and change the DNS Server addresses from the old address to the new one. Then when clients refresh their DHCP lease they'd get the new DNS server.


Servers typically aren't set up for DHCP so you'd need to change the DNS server settings manually. If you only have a handful of servers I'd just use the GUI. If you have a ton of servers or just want to complicate things you could certainly script it with powershell commands.

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