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Computers stuck at "Applying group policy drive maps policy..."

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We have recently decommissioned .BAT log on scripts for the GPP drive mapping alternatives. We currently have the drives map on LDAP queries for their AD User object department names. 90% of the time the logons are quick. However, after a power outage we will receive a number of reports of stuck on "Welcome" screen. I have done a bit of digging and enabled verbose logging and GPP tracing. They are clearly getting stuck mapping the drives but I don't see any error:








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This might sound like a silly question, but following the power outage, are all devices back online? Do you have a server where drives map which may have been missed and still powered off at all?


I have often found when Group Policy hangs like this (usually around the 5 minute mark), it's a timeout. This means that it just cannot find what it needs, in this case, maybe the drive location?

How are your drives mapped? All through group policy, or do you have scripts which run?


***Edit: I realise now just how old this thread was... apologies for "bumping" this... either way, might be of some use to someone in the future :)***

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