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VSSError: The specified object was not found (DPM 2012R2 Issue)

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"Recovery point creation failed" error message on some servers in SCDPM 2012 R2. In the Event Viewer is says "VSSError: The specified object was not found"

The object in question is the partition that that particular backup was being performed on.

So, I went in to the DPM Administrator Console and stopped the protection of the member is question and deleted the disk replica but not the tape ones. I then re-added the server to the protection group and it then started to backup some of the data but then failed with the same error again.

There is 10TB free in the disk pool so why wont it just use that to backup my server??? Surely deleting/removing it from the protection group and then adding it again should re-allocate new space from the 10TB of free space?


Help! :)

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It's a Hyper-V VM that is our DC. On the Hyper-V host there are around 20 other VMs that back up fine.


The issue is that the partition/volume that DPM has decided to create/allocate to this backup is the thing that the VSS can not find.

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