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I was wondering what i will need in order to restore a ghost image file to many computers via network the same time.

I found that a Windows Server 2003 with RIS, active directory, DHCP and DNS would be fine, after searching in order

to make the pcs available to boot from LAN throught Windows Server 2003 machine.

But after that, i need to do the procedure with Ghost Boot wizard.

Has anyone done this before in order to help me please?

Thanks in advance

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i finally managed to make my RIS work with Ghost Solution Suite 2.5

the only problem is that, boot starts ok.

It says Booting ghost boot image

Downloading image

but then i get

PXE-E89: Could not download boot image.


i havent realized yet where i must put the .gho file in order for the PXE to load it.

i followed this instructions to make it work




Do you have any experience in ghost & ris ?

please help, im on fire:(

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Hi Georgeg,

I was doing something similar at my previous employment, could you enable logging on the tftpd and post that here? If that particular tftpd doesn't have logging, if you could please try a different tftpd :)

I have skimmed through the edugeek article, is it supposed to begin ghosting? Or is it just expected to boot up in to the ghost client and wait for you to connect to a session?

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i was about to make a pxe-boot multi diagnostic tool for my work's service departement.

i got this ready in usb stick but i want to make it easier for my co-workers with pxe net boot

my loader is GRUB4DOS.

I started the try with ghost and thats why i opened this topic.

Any ideas for how to do this would be cool. let me know.

By the way i managed to get it work with 3com pxe server and 3com ftpd in combination with dhcp/dns and active directory of 2003.

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Sorry I have been slow to reply;

Are you sure that you have followed the instructions completely?

Things to check;

[in dhcp\server options] Tick option 067 and enter the name of the bootfile, in ghosts case, its "boot\ghost.ldr". More on this later.

did you restart dhcp?

ghost.dsk and ghost.ldr are both in the [path to ghost]\boot folder?

When you merged the .reg file you definitely had the right path to your ghost directory? Please confirm by checking HKLM\System\Current Control Set\Services\TFTPD\Parameters does the path here point to your ghost folder?

I'm assuming the RIS option showed up in the boot wizard and you had no errors when building the bootable image?

Admittedly I have never tried this with grub4dos, only with msdos (or pcdos).. Could you perhaps try with pcdos/msdos to rule out that difference?

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its ok, thanks for the communication..

the progress goes on and after tries and tries, finally i ended up on tftpd32.

i think its the best solution and the simpliest.

well my config now is tftpd32 + pxelinux.

everything works ok, i can boot my .ima files, but i can't chainload the .isos

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