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"Phantom" packages trying to distribute and verify on DP.

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Hi all,


We are having two issues, similar, in a way, but I do not think related.


One is that we have a DP trying to verify the content of a package that no longer exists.


Failed to validate package "PackageID" on distribution point "["Display=\\DP2\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=NPS"]\\DP2\". The package may not be present or may be corrupt. Please redistribute it.


We have two DPs and this only happens on DP#2


Second is that colleval tries to distribute a package that does not exist.


CCEPSource::GetCollectionInfo:- Collection Not Found with CollectionID=545


CEP-Failed to process Collection Extended Properties changes, Status = COLLECTION NOT FOUND FOREIGN KEY CONSTRAINTS, changes will be retried on next processing cycle.


Sounds like something with the DB table to me.


In monitoring, the component status for colleval has this error about 3 times a minute.


Collection Evaluator failed to process Collection Settings changes. These changes will be retried on next processing cycle.

Solution: Review the previous status messages and logs for further clarification about this problem.


This is message ID 2548


There is no previous error with any information.


Any help is appreciated!!!

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