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Altaro VM Backup Now Supports VMware in New Version of Popular Backup Product

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Already well known and respected for their simple, powerful, and reliable backup software, Altaro
Software, has released the next major version of their backup application.

In today’s changing IT landscape, multi-hypervisor deployments are becoming more and more common.
With changing capabilities and ever different pricing structures, IT administrators are always on the
lookout for technologies that provide new improved functionality and also provide cost savings
measures. As a result many administrators are finding themselves in environments that contain both
Hyper-V and VMware based workloads. As is the case with any production workload, the data
associated with that service or business needs to be protected, and that can become difficult in multi-
hypervisor deployments in the event that the current backup solution in place is targeted at one
platform or the other. Historically Altaro Software’s backup application was targeted primarily at Hyper-
V based workloads, but with the version 6 release of their software, support for VMware’s vSphere
platform has been added as well. So, in those situations where you have a multi-hypervisor deployment,
Altaro VM Backup has you protected.

If you’ve used Altaro’s backup products in the past, you’ll notice that the name has changed to reflect
the expanded platform support. The product is no longer known as “Altaro Hyper-V Backup”. It is now
just simply, “Altaro VM Backup”. It’s not just a name change and a couple of software bits that are
different though. Altaro has really pulled out all the stops when it comes to providing backup services to
VMware customers. There is complete feature parity in providing backups between each platform.

Regardless of target hypervisor you get all the same great benefits of Altaro VM Backup. That includes
things like full VM and granular recovery. It provides full cluster support and offsite backup with WAN
acceleration. Also included are some truly great advanced features such as in-application chat support
and sandbox verification features to make sure those protected workloads are actually valid.

Many administrators are so focused on getting successful backups of their workloads that they often
forget about the other major part of a backup plan: RECOVERY! If you can’t recover from a backup, it
doesn’t do much good does it? Altaro VM Backup provides a testing mechanism in which the application
will actually conduct a test restore in an isolated state, verify that the workload is bootable, and then
notify you if any issues are encountered.

It’s this type of reliable, simplistic approach that makes Altaro VM Backup so Great. The application was
designed to be simple to use, yet still powerful, reliable and feature-rich. Backups can quite literally be
setup in just a couple of clicks, and the installation of the application is extremely simple as well.

Additionally if you do manage to run into issues of some kind, Altaro’s world-class tech support is only a
couple of clicks away. The application features in-app chat support to provide one additional avenue for
getting your issues resolved in a timely manner by a support team that has made it their mission to
provide the best customer service possible in the backup and recovery space.

Pricing and licensing is also a large differentiator between Altaro Software and its competition. Most of
Altaro’s competitors license their products based on the number of CPU sockets in the target host(s).

Altaro doesn’t believe in hindering businesses for having more CPUs in their hypervisors. So, this is why
Altaro VM backup is licensed per physical host that is being protected and not per socket. You don’t
have to worry about the number of sockets in your host when placing an order.

In addition to the paid version, a full-featured, 30-day trial is available for download here , in the event
that you want to test it inside of your organization. On top of that, once the 30 day trial ends, the
product is still able to protect up to two virtual machines for free on that host! This provides great value
and gives you a chance to meaningfully test the product before committing to a purchase.

If you’d like to learn more, be sure to check out the webpage at http://www.altaro.com and the Hyper-V
for great tips and howtos in the world of Microsoft virtualization.


Disclaimer: The article is from a windows-noob recommends partner.

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