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SCCM-2007, Win 2008 R2, SQL server 2005 SP3

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Am completely new to SCCM 2007 environement, am trying to accomplish a task, before writing my query let me outline the system environment.


Am using Win server 2008 R2 - OS , SQL server 2005 with SP3 installed, Client PC are both the mixed environment of Windows XP and windows 7.


I managed to install SCCM 2007 successfully, installed the client site configuraiton too, i have two queries!!!

for all the setup.exe and setup.msi file, command lines are mandatory for software deployment?????as i noticed in a article during Firefox.exe deployment, firefox.exe -ms command line been used.

i just wanna determine for every setup.exe file cmd line gets varies????

i want to deploy a exe file being silently without user's interaction to the application....Can u pls advise how could this be done????


And also can the robocopy and xcopy (Data copying) batch file are executed and schedule through SCCM 2007???if so, how???

i performed robocopy through schtasks and through GPO, it is working quite fine....

But the only concern is, the task being performing in background without displaying the cmd prompt window...

here the issue is, user will not know, whats going at system background, chances of even shutting down the workstation, so if it displays the cmd prompt windows

or the file opeartions, then the user will be aware from doing any kind of obstructing work..


so i want to try if there are they chances of doing data back(robocopy and xcopy) thorugh sccm....


Pls advise on both my queries....



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