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Safe to delete downloads ?

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Our SCCM 2012 SP1 server has run out of disk space.


We can not add more space at this time. We are budgeted for more hardware in Q3 of 2016, but we have no options until then.


The SCCM server was originally installed by a consultant. He setup a file structure as so:

\Source Main share






In the Updates folder we have a folder structure for downloading our monthly updates


--------\02 etc.


Is it OK to delete these folders?

It is my understanding that the update packages are copied from here. Others say these downloads ARE the files in use by deployments.

What is the correct answer?

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I would first start by finding out what's grabbing all the space, my guess is it's the SQL reporting service log file, if so, maybe just shrinking that file will resolve your current problem.

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Thanks anyweb,


SQL is installed on another server in our setup. Not sure why...


I found two old captured images that are no longer being deployed that were about 12GB each. There are also ISOs for XP and Pre SP1 Win7. I have not found anything in the SCCM console that refers to any of them. Is it simply a matter of deleting them out of their folders in the \Source\OSInstallers subfolder?


The largest chunk of space (38% per WinDirStat) is used by very large files in \SCCMContentLib\FileLib. I'm assuming these are our application deployments all packaged up.

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i'd backup the two captured images on another server (in case someone needs them later) and then remove them, that should free up a bunch of space,

when you say there are isos, do you mean an actual ISO file or an extracted file, if both are not in use then you can remove them from the console and then from the sources\osinstaller folder.

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