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Group Policy windows 10 Privacy

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Hello all,


I've upgraded my sccm server to 2012 sp1 and deployed windows 10

all went fine and applications installed without problems on the windows 10 machine.


Right now i am setting my group policy right and facing a isue of windows 10 what i think need to be turned of in a domain network.


You got different Privacy policy's that can send wifi passwords, account information, Keyboard recorder ( key logger) to the microsoft servers.
Where and how can i set this OFF by group policy?



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That link answered my question!

Now i got the following problem.

i got 2 enviroments, 1 is a windows 2012 server enviroment.


the other is an 2008 R2 enviroment.

I cant find the group policy rules on the 2008 r2 enviroment, now i find windows 2012 / 8 templates by microsoft but i am not sure i've i can upgrade that in a live situation.


How are the GPO stored? the information i found is that i need to overwrite the windows/sysvol/domain/policydefinition folder.

i am affraid that i am overwriting my existing already running group policy's, and then deleting them. how does this work?


is that a folder that display a template and in a other subfolder the policy's er defined and overlaying the templates? can i replace the ADM and ADMX files with the new 2012 files in a live situation?

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