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This list of guides (think of it as a living index) will be updated by me whenever I write a new guide for the new versions of Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Current Branch or Technical Preview). These guides are broken down into three different sections:

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Current Branch)
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Technical Preview)
  • Setting up PKI in a lab on Windows Server 2016

The Current Branch release is meant for your production deployments and the Technical Preview releases are for testing new upcoming features in the product, and are aimed at Lab use only. The PKI guides are added in case you want to experiment with any roles requiring certificates using SCCM.

If you are looking for some of my other indexes of guides I've written... then please check below, remember this are just indexes linking to many other guides I've written, the guides within them have thousands of views:

  • Microsoft Intune (standalone) in Azure step by step guides are here
  • Microsoft Intune (hybrid) guides look here 
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager - (Dec 2019 - 143,391 views)
  • Configuration Manager 2012 guides then look here  (Dec 2019 - 1,175,258 views)
  • Configuration Manager 2007 guides then look here  (Dec 2019 - 972,259 views)
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit guides are here
  • SMS 2003 guides are here


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (Technical Preview)

Setting up PKI in a lab

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