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Windows 10 Language pack, features, speech...




I'm currently using a wsus server on my domain. It is used with SCCM 2012 R2 (as per the sccm 2012 installation documentation to use SCCM to deploy updates). On a machine running Windows 10 enterprise, I'm trying to get some language pack installed. Problem is, it's checking the WSUS server and it's saying that no language pack are available.


I launch the admin console and downloaded all language pack and deployed them as available to my workstation. Still no language pack available.


I got the same problem if I try to add a feature, it want to download something from Microsoft Update but since I have a WSUS server set, it doesn't work. For now, I delete the policies key that set the wsus and do it online, but I'd like to fix this.


What do I need to do on my WSUS/SCCM to be able to download language pack and others from my local wsus?


Thank you

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We have the same problem. If I'm downloading from WSUS nothing shows. If I take the computer out of the OU for WSUS I get it straight away.

Would love to see if anyone knows what update puts this in for Australia.


EDIT: Think I found the problem. We didn't have Features On-Demand downloading in WSUS.

Trying that out now.


Also found this: http://happysccm.com/Hey-Cortana-add-speech-packs-osd to put them in manually if you like.

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we are facing the same issue. Infrastructure with SCCM CB and W10 enterprise.

I would like to avoid to create 50 different language pack applications and make them available in software center and that's why i'm looking for a way to use WSUS.

Is it possible to use the WSUS to download the LP when a user request it in is windows settings?

Thanks in advance for your help


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