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questions about deploying an OS

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i have several questions related to OSD

1) now when we did a capture for an OS for the 1st time it asked from us to enter the name of the computer , user name and password and it was joined by default to the workgroup also it asked for the date and time , all this at the end of the capture , my question is cant i treat this 1st client as a deployed computer ( not to ask me ANYTHING and to be zero touch deployment )


2) when i did a capture for the windows i found when i entered that OS that its missing alot of drivers , must i add all those beside the storage and network drivers under a driver package


3) lets say i have 5 clients that i want to deploy to them a captured image i want them to be zero touched and they will have the following :

a) an ip from DHCP

B) a different computer name

c) a specific domain username and password


4) in case one of the users are using an older OS and i want to pull all his stuff to the new deployed OS how can that be done ?


if i have more questions ill post them as well

btw this site rocks !

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1. When you just captured a reference image of the computer, you have a syspreped version of your OS on the computer. So it still needs the information like date/time etc. I wouldn't consider it as your first deployed computer...

2. You can add drivers to the Driver Package or install them as a Software Package.

3a. It will get DHCP from server

3b. It will get the computer name supplied by you when adding the computer to SCCM

3c. Has to be supplied by yourself after installation

4. you could use USMT for userdata. See also: http://www.petervanderwoude.nl/post/ConfigMgr-2007-USMT-40-and-using-Hard-Links.aspx

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great and very clear thanks :)

i have an additional question , i did a OSD today for vista and it worked fine but i had a small problem that is :

i captured the image as to be joined to the domain and specified smsadmin to be the account to join those computers to the domain

after doing the capture then deploying to another client i found that the computer is joined to workgroup ALTHOUGH it gave me a notification if this network is work or home with the name of my domain !


cant i add that computer directly to the domain from the OSD ?


if yes , what do you think i missed ?



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