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Upcoming Webinar on Scripting and Automation in Hyper-V without SCVMM

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System Center Virtual Machine Manager (or SCVMM) is a fantastic product, with many powerful
features, that makes our lives as virtualization administrators much easier day to day. However, not all
of us have the benefit of being able to make good use of it for a variety of reasons. SCVMM can be
brutally complex if you only need to use small parts of it, and let’s face it, not all of us can afford the
astronomical price tag.

The sad part about this revelation is the fact that many of us miss out on some great features because of
this. SCVMM includes things like service templates: the ability to deploy an entire collection of VM
templates at once, and automatic cluster load balancing. Both of these are immensely helpful features!

There is good news however! Even though we miss out on some automation potential if we’re lacking
SCVMM in our environment, we still have a great tool at our disposal to do some of the same things,
PowerShell! PowerShell is a great utility for automation and scripting, and it can be leveraged quite
handily for use with Hyper-V and virtual machines.

With that said, Altaro Software is putting on a webinar on “Scripting and Automation in Hyper-V without
SCVMM”. This webinar will be hosted by Andy Syrewicze, and presented by Thomas Maurer, both of
whom are Cloud and Datacenter Management MVPs with Microsoft for contributions to the Hyper-V
community. Information will be presented in this webinar that will get you automating and scripting in
Hyper-V in no time, and will allow you to put up your feet and let PowerShell do the work.

Registration link can be found HERE.


Disclaimer: Altaro software is a windows-noob.com recommends parntner.

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