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MDT 2013 Update 1 and WSUS

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I have been running MDT 2013 for over 1 year now and its worked great. A few months back, I went to deploy an image to my lab and none of the computers would get windows updates from the WSUS. SO I tried to create a new image and the same result. I get the 0x80244010 in the windows update log. I don't have access to the WSUS to check settings. I am at a loss on how I can create a brand new computer from Windows 7 SP1 ISO and not be able to get any updates.


A second question is what do I need to do to remove all traces of the WSUS before I capture the image.



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Have a look at this about removing the datastore from the clients (going to guess that the datastore on your master image is the cause of this problem).http://blogs.technet.com/b/sus/archive/2008/09/18/wsus-clients-fail-with-warning-syncserverupdatesinternal-failed-0x80244010.aspx


Next if you want to remove WSUS from the client there are some registry settings you can set that will set the clients to get their updates from Microsoft (or turn it off etc). We had a problem where I tried to update our MDT image using WSUS and then after the capture and deploy all the clients were still trying to check in against our WSUS server (for these machines they are taken off site so they need to get their updates from Microsoft and not our WSUS server). I just pushed the registry key changes out over Group Policy and everything went back the way it should.

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