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I wonder if anyone can help, im experiencing osd failure. Its not a new task sequence but I have recently upgraded to sccm 2012 r2 sp1 cu2. I have changed the boot image to the new windows 10 pe (x64) on the task sequence.

I am deploying a windows 7 x64 image to a new desktop which I have downloaded the drivers for (hp z440) and injected the network and sata disk drivers into the boot image (it previously wouldn't even start windows pe until I did this). Now it pxe boots, I select the task sequence and it gets to a point just after completing the installation of the OS and then fails.


errors attached (smsts.log)


a few highlights from the log

"ZTI deployment failed, Return Code = 4"


"Failed to run the action: Error in the task sequence.
The system cannot open the file. (Error: 00000004; Source: Windows)"


can anyone please help with this?



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here's the error (or one of them) which led to the task sequence failing


Failed to run the action: Copy CmTrace.
The system cannot open the file. (Error: 00000004; Source: Windows)



so find that line and see why it's failing...and here it is according to the log...

cmd /c xcopy x:\sms\bin\i386\CMTrace.exe D:\windows\system32 /E /H /C /I /Q /Y

if it's an x64 boot wim that might be the reason...

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you are indeed correct thank you :rolleyes: , once I changed the path to "x64" it fixed that issue.

I did however notice one more issue with my task sequence, im not sure if its related to since I carried out the sccm upgrade or not? Now on version "sccm 2012 r2 sp1 cu2"


But when I watch the OSD Task sequence for installing the config manager client it seems to install, then roll back and then install again?


I have attached a screenshot and logs (smsts.log) for info, if anyone could help that would be great





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