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Uninstall Office 2010 Silently sccm 2012

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Can anyone give me Sep to Step guide on how to Uninstall Office 2010 Silently through SCCM 2012.


This is not really a CM12 Q.


How exactly would you automated this without CM12, once you can answer that, it is easy to deploy with CM12.

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assuming your upgrading to a new version, you can uninstall when setting up the office customization tool, if your not upgrading like garth said google how to uninstall and you have your answer.

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There are many ways to do that.


The most clean method would be to use the /uninstall switch in combination with an XML file specifying what to do.
I suggest to use this method.


Here is an example of what a simple XML for the uninstall might look like.
I've added some comments for better understanding...

<Configuration Product="ProPlus">

<!-- The level of UI that Setup displays to the user. Level "none" is silent -->
<Display Level="none" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" />

<!-- Write a log file in specified location -->
<Logging Type="Verbose" Path="c:\temp\logs" Template="Office_2010_Uninstall.log" />

<!-- Setting Id allows you to specify values for Windows Installer propertie. In this example I supress the reboot. -->
<Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="Never" />


This example specifies that Office Professional Plus (assuming you have ProPlus) is removed, creates a log file in c:\temp\logs.
Uninstall is silent and there will not be a prompt for system reboot.


The uninstall string that you would have to deploy would be:

Setup.exe /uninstall ProPlus /config "LocationOfXML\SilentUninstall.xml"

Here you can find more info about the config.xml:





Another way would be to use offscrub10.vbs
Google it...


That's a script you can find in one of Microsofts Fix It tools which will do a complete uninstall and cleanup of Office.

I usually use this to do a cleanup if I'm unable to Install or uninstall Office.


It's kind of a brute force uninstall.


I have deployed offscrub successfully in SCCM using this:

Cscript OffScrub10.vbs ALL /Quiet /NoCancel

Please note that you have to specify what product to uninstall and customize the switches yourself.

If you, for instance, have multiple versions of Office 2010 in your organisations and only want to remove Office 2010 Professional Plus you would hgave to use this:

cscript OffScrub10.vbs ProPlus /Q /NoCancel /Bypass 1

Review the complete list of switches and more info how to obtain Offscrub10.vbs:


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