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SCCM clients not upgrading from 1000 to 1301

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I have just installed a brand new primary site (sccm 2012 sp2) and then installed CU2.

CU2 went on fine and all components within SCCM and everything else seems ok.

My SCCM clients are not upgrading from version 1000 to 1301 automatically or using client push.


I have turned on automatic upgrade on within hierarchy settings, the client push settings seem to be fine as they pushed the client out originally.

The content of the new CU2 config manager client updates have distributed to the distribution points.


i have had a look on the ccmsetup.log on the the machines that dont upgrade and there us an entry stating "

Task 'Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Task' does not exist".

I then checked "scheduled tasks" on the machine and there is no task for the upgrade, if i check my other sites that upgrade fine there is a task for "Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Task" present.


I have also just found out that if i push the client cu2 update package to a collection the server updates fine to the latest client version , so it seems client push/automatic upgrade does not seem to be working but the package works fine....


ccmsetup.log attached....


any ideas?


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if I browse to the primary site server site code\\servername\sms_(sitename)\client\is386 or x64

there is no "client update" folder....

when I browse to my other sccm installation same directory there is a "client update" folder with the msp file...

why hasn't the client update folder been copied to the same area on this installation? I haven't done anything differently when I installed CU2 on either setup.

now we know the files are not there can you tell me my next steps? is it just a case of copying the client update folder and msp?

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