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Client Machines Reboot Daily

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So I've been having a bit of a weird issue since I began deploying machines with my most recent image/TS last August. Basically, any machine that has this that most recent image/TS reboots every morning. The users open up the laptop, login to their desktop and a popup says "rebooting in 30 seconds for updates" or something very similar and finally then reboots. Since we have network folders/printers and most users can't get their head around the need to restart every so often I figured this wasn't all too bad and if someone asked I'd tell them it was intentional.


A few days ago I had a user log a ticket with some issues on their laptop. They were running the old image/TS from August 2014 and since the issue was BSOD's I figured deploying the newer TS with newer drivers embedded would fix their issue. So while the BSOD's went away they now have the daily restart.


All this is to say that it is some type of configuration that exists within the confines of our SCCM configuration and not elsewhere like GP.


We're running SCCM 2012 R2.

  • I've checked through the TS, Boot Image, Client Configuration Settings and can find no root cause in those places. I'm not looking at it at this second but there is a setting in Client Configuration Settings to prompt for a restart when software updates are deployed, but even that is set to 60 minutes.
  • I've combed through system logs on a computer directly after it restarted, nothing of note.
  • I've checked all of our deployed applications/packages and triple checked that none are set to force a reboot if software installation falls outside of a maintenance window

Is there somewhere else I can look or check to try to find a root cause? As I begin preparing for another refresh this upcoming summer I would like to know what's causing this to happen.

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