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I got 2 almost the same enviroments both upgraded to the latest version of sccm.

1 can easy add OSD and there is no problem


the other enviroment is refusing adding the OSD

i tried already existing OSD and new ones but all fails. i get the following error massage

"The spicifed unc path does not contain a valid WIM file or you do not have permissions to acces it. specify a valid path"

I try to add it by netwerk share, the server and netwerk acces account got full persmision to acces the share and folders under it.


the more strange is that in my other enviroment the OSD addes perfectly no problems found.


ive i try to ad an application there is no problemen and that also works fine, how can i troubleshoot on what point exactly the sccm refusing to add the OSD



Version 5.0.8239.1302 SCCM 2012 r2 sp1 CU2

ADK version 8.1




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Yes i can,


I have 3 OSD already added before the update to 2012 r2 sp1 cu2.

that ones are in this case windows 7 x32 and x64


after the update i try to add the already in SCCM existing OSD but even that one fails to Add as operating system.

this files are on the same location as before

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Problem solved,


I got 2 exact the same enviroments so i was comparing the both installation file size and the the ADK version


When i checked the ADK version i noticed that the version of the working enviroment was 0.02 GB larger then the not working enviroment. so that means there is a difference.

when i checked the installation with the option change i noticed that Deployment tools and windows preinstallation enviroment (windows pe) was unchecked.

after checking this and installing the options i rebooted the server and i can add OSD again :)

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