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SCCM 2012 - Windows / Software Updates - Client Reboot Delay 24hrs+

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Hi Windows Noob Folks!

In SCCM, the client setting allows a maximum of 24hrs for a user to suppress a reboot.

Are there ways, methods, best practices for a user to surpress/delay a reboot?

- Example: Lets say I have an engineering group that may have already started a task that could take 5+- days to finish and a reboot would just destroy their work.

Only answer i've found were to have those types of users update their machines themselves but that may not be an option.

Regular computer users such as a normal phone support, receptionist, non critical computer use folks would be ok with the 24hrs or less reboot.

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I good one is..:


- updates are installed only during maintenance window;

- reboot is suppress;

- pop-up message 60 minutes (configured in the agent settings (restart));


But of course this also depends on the risk and importance of each department. For low-risk areas/departments:


- updates are installed at the deadline;

- reboot is not suppress;

- pop-up messages to restart in 90 min (check the agent configuration again and maybe create a different policy for low-risk devices);


but again... it all depends on your requirements and what is defined as patch plan (written and communicate) ;)

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I appreciate your input!


I discovered that a deployed software update has a User Experience option to never restart

- Of course, this would only be geared towards special groups that understand the risk of not ever restarting and applying any necessary updates


Another option, as an example, is to have updates available on Day 1 (could be any designated day of the month) and have a maintenance window for 20 days (or whatever number of days). This would allow a user to install the updates on their timeline up till day 20 where the forced install and restart would occur.

- Pros: Gives users more time to be compliant

- Cons: Most users would not remember or voluntarily install updates which would lead to the deadline being forced and internal customers being upset. So again, this would be geared toward specific users.

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Keep in mind that MW will never be greater than 24hours.


If you ever set a MW for these PCs, they will never install anything as the download time is greater than the MW itself.


Honestly I would force reboot them at 2pm on Friday afternoon and start the deployment on Monday @ 10am. No client can say they didn't get enough time to install the SU with that much time.

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