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How to get Lync showing after SCCM deployment

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Hi everyone,


About a year ago I deployed Office 2013 ent to our users and at the time Lync was not needed. However our managers want Lync to be available to all users. I realise that the software is already there so to speak. You can add a feature in add or remove features and Lync will install. At the moment users have Communicator. Is there a way to send out a script that will add this feature or will I have to package Lync 2013 in SCCM and deploy? Will this effect the current install of Office 2013 ent?





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Use OCT and create a new MSP.

On the Features/Set feature installation states, right click Lync and select "Run from My Computer"

Don't change any other features like Word or Outlook etc.

Generate your MSP and name it something like Add_Lync_2013.MSP

Your install command line should be something like;

msiexec.exe /p "Add_Lync_2013.MSP" /qb! /norestart /log "%TEMP%\Add_Lync_2013.MSP.log"

This is the method I used to to add MS Access feature on top of the standard Office install (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.).

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