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HELP! - Client Installation Step Lasts Long Time and Eventually Fails in OSD / Never Finds Site

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Good Morning All / Niall -
I'm setting up a Windows 7 x64 Pro OSD TS in a new 1511 environment and am stuck on something. I'm set up numerous OSD TS's before, but this is my first with 1511.
Everything goes well until it gets to the step where the client is installed & configured where it stays there for probably 10-15 minutes. Eventually, it reboots then goes to the next step which still shows a message about the client on the 2nd progress bar then fails.
When I log into Windows (after it reboots from the failure), the domain is joined and I may log in with domain credentials. I launch the SCCM Client properties in Control Panel and see that there's no site selected nor client certificate. I did find that if I manually enter the site code into the client under the "Site" tab, it immediately finds the site and connects to it.
What I've Tried / Examined
I've tried a few different things - all with the same results - including building a new client package from scratch using the steps in Niall's famous guides, and using in the task sequence; using the SMSMP string in the client properties of the TS, and examining log files.
Even though I see a couple of errors in the ccmsetup.log, the client seems to physically installs fine and exits with code 0. When looking at LocationServices.log, I see a few things, though:


In case the screenshot doesn't come through...

  • Failed to resolve 'SMS_SLP' from WINS
  • Unable to find lookup MP(s) in Registry, AD, DNS and WINS
  • LSIsSiteCompatible : Failed to get Site Version from all directories
  • Client is not assigned to a site. Cannot get site signing cert.
  • LsRefreshManagementPointEx failed with 0x80004005
  • Client is not assigned to a site. Cannot refresh Local MP.
  • Client is not assigned to a site. Cannot get portal info.
  • The above loops amongst a few information messages
Any ideas or suggestions to what this may be? I've got to get all of this working today! Thanks!

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