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Failed to complete SCCM installation process

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Hi guys,


I'm currently having a problem installing SCCM CB (1511) in my lab. I already did all the prerequisites steps successfully. When I run the SCCM installation it gives me an error right before the prerequsite check step. I did try the isntallation on a few server in my lab but always get the same error. In my lab I got a full copy of the actual production SCCM 2012 R2 and still get the same error message when I ran it on those servers.


I did run the prerequisite checker offline and everything is fine too.


Here's the error I get : Unknown error (0x80005000).

This error occurs between "Setting Summary" and "Prerequisite Check"


In the "ConfigMgrSetup.log" there's no error


In the "ConfigMgrSetupWizard.log" there is an error : ConfigMgrSetupWizard Error: 1 Exception message [unknown error (0x80005000)], Exception details: [system.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80005000): Unknown error (0x80005000) at System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry.Bind(Boolean throwlfFail)


Here's the lab specs :


Windows Server 2012 R2

Virtual on VMware vSphere

AD Domain is 2008R2

Rights : Domain Admin

Schema already extended since SCCM 2012 R2 is in place and working


Is there someone who come accross this issue ?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Make sure your account is full administrator and also has privileges as admin in the sql server. I had an error (maybe like this) on my upgrade because I didn't had enough permissions on the SQL server...

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