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What is the right way to create collections for software deployment?

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I am very new to SCCM. Until now we have been using GPO for software deployment.


With SCCM here......what is the right or recommended way to create collections for software deployment.


In these threads I see many examples.

Some people create sub collections for each software (for example I have seen people creating one sub collection for Adobe reader and another for Flash plugin...etc etc.


Then I also see people using AD groups (synced to collections) for software deployment.


I just want to start right.

Any recommendations for me?

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ok but if we base our collections on AD OUs.......how do we handle this issue...


Suppose......we have two OUs called "Project Managers" and "Developers". There are many workstations inside both.

If both need Office 2007 how do we create one collection which has all the workstations inside both OUs?


What do I do?


Option 1

I create two advertisements...one for each collection?


Option 2

Is there a way to create a new collection called "Office 2007" and somehow place all workstations in both OUs inside that collection? Then create one advertisement?

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