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Software Inventory Report for 2 files

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I have a report that currently shows the ComputerName, FileName, and FileVersion of an exe. I would like to add a 4th column to this report that shows the FileModifiedDate of a file called update.txt (not the abc.exe) that's on that same pc. The original code is below:

SELECT DISTINCT Sys.Name0,SF.FileName,SF.FileVersion
 from v_R_System Sys INNER JOIN 

v_GS_SoftwareFile SF on
 Sys.ResourceID = SF.ResourceID
 INNER JOIN v_FullCollectionMembership FCM on
where SF.FileName like 'abc.exe' 
 Order by SF.FileVersion,Sys.Name0,SF.FileName

Current Report:

PC Name File Name File Version

PC01 abc.exe 15.0

PC02 abc.exe 15.1


What I'd like:

PC Name File Name File Version File Modified Date of Update.txt

PC01 abc.exe 15.0 2/6/2016

PC02 abc.exe 15.1 4/6/2016


Can anyone provide some help or tips for accomplishing this?


Thanks in advance.

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