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Find out which NIC driver I need to add to my capture image?

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Hi guys. Basically I need to find out which driver (the exact INF file) the machine I'm using has so I know which driver needs to be added to my capture image. I injected a whole bunch into the image from the NIC driver download but I'm not sure which I'm really looking for. Bunch of NDIS folders in the driver zip which has the drivers for multiple intel models. Thanks.

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What I usually do before injecting the driver in my boot image is checking whether it is the correct one using DRVLOAD.

I don't like having a messy boot image.


If you don't know which network card you have you could use wbemtest to find out.

As soon as you boot in WinPE press F8 to bring up CMD

-> This will also prevent WinPE to reboot automatically as long as cmd is open


open the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester by typing wbemtest

Click Connect > Connect > Query...


Use this query to find out what your network adapter is:

select * from Win32_PNPEntity where description like '%ether%'

The result will be: PCI\VEN_...

Double click and look for the Caption property to find out the network adapter.


You can play with this in your Windows as well (Start > Run... > wbemtest)




Now that you've identified the driver you can either inject it if you feel confident that it's the correct one.

If you, however, are not sure whether it is the correct one you should load the driver in WinPE and test it.


Copy the drivers to a USB stick.

In WinPE, open CMD with F8


Change location to the folder where your drivers are.


cd x:\drivers\network


load the drivers, one by one, using the drvload command.


drvload L1Fhi354.inf


Once driver is loaded, initialize the network device with this command:

wpeutil initializeNetwork


Then check whether you have an ip address with ipconfig


If no ip address, to the same and load the next driver.

When you receive an ip address you can consider that one the correct driver.



An alternative is, if you have the Hardware ID of the network adapter to open the INF files one by one and searching for it.

-> You get the Hardware ID with above method using wbemtest

It is the string: PCI\\VEN_xxxxxxx

If you open the INF file you can search for it and if you find the Hardware ID in the INF it will be the correct one.

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