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UEFI formatting issue on replacement surface devices




We having been deploying Surface devices for sometime now using SCCM R2 SP1 CU3, followed the guides posted here, and have had good luck with these for sometime now. We recently however had to warranty a few surface pro 3 devices for our users, and we are having alot of trouble getting these to format correctly, before failing the task sequence.


Note: There have been 0 changes to the Task sequence for sometime, and we are able to image new units.


Model: 256GB Surface Pro 3 back from service


Prep for imaging:

- Disable Secure boot/Clear all keys

- Disable TPM

- Secure Erase SSD (via surface data eraser tool provided by MS)

- Created Offline (USB) Media



-SP3 starts and loads files to boot into WinPE

-Machine name step pops up as normal


Next Step,


Format and Partition Disk (UEFI) - Hangs and eventually fails out stating that it cannot format the disk (log file attached).


This problem remains true if I attempt to image via Offline media, with RMA units only. I left one of the RMA'd devices stock, joined the domain, loaded client, added to a collection and pushed the task sequence for testing/troubleshooting, and I took another Surface we've had on hand for a while, and ran the offline USB image through n through with no issues.


The one thing that does stick out, is the internal hard drive vendor. From what we have seen, the majority of the surface units have a Samsung SSD, whereas the RMA units have a Hynix based SSD built in. Being it's a hard drive, the storage drivers should be the same for boot image being the chipset is the same, and vendor should not matter being the same sata protocol. Other than that, I cannot figure out a reason as to why this is happening. trying a new USB stick had no change as well.



Has anyone run into or seen anything this before?


Update: I found this article, that is basically pointing out the same problem, sadly no solution though- https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/5a17cf36-d208-4264-ab66-9e483054bcc9/sccm-osd-task-sequence-stuck-at-formatting-c?forum=configmanagerosd


- Another kicker, I was able to bring the trouble unit back to the factory image using the recovery USB media created earlier. I went ahead and attempted to image this thing the same way as the other unit- Join domain, add to collection, push TS to unit. Even THAT has failed at the exact same point, where it was no issue for the other one. I'll mess around a little more tomorrow.

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can you hit f8 to open command line and then do a diskpart? I'd be interested in seeing if it can list your volumes.

I'm thinking that it doesn't have the disk drivers to be able to access the drive.




also, you might need the KB and add it to your boot wim:

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Are you using MDT Boot Images? If not my suggestion would be integrate MDT and use them. You'll have alot more success, all you'll need to do is add the Surface Network Drivers to the them. Storage is covered OOB in most cases (Surfaces definitely)


I am imaging SP3 and 4 devices with 1602 and MDT 2013 Update 2........Zero Issues.

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I know this is way late, time has gotten the best of me...


So it turns out, that the issue according to a MS engineer our rep had referred us to, the intel "iastore.sys" driver for 6th generation (Skylake) CPUs (provided by Lenovo) conflicts with the surface pro NIC driver. We ended up creating a separate boot image for surface pro and book devices, and have called it done until we can re-explore this later.


I didn't want to leave this one open ended, so hopefully if anyone runs across this post, it will be of some help/direction.

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