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Variables during OSD

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I'm want to make a new task sequence to OSD, without MDT, but I wanna to avoid to have too many task sequence. Problem: each department has his own software but sometimes they are common in other departments. And then I have the OU's for each department.


I'm going to try something like this:


Goal: one single task sequence, instead of having 10 or 20...


For software: declare a variable in a collection where that variable is something like "BundleSoftware_1 = true". In the task sequence, if this variable is true, then install the applications bundle;


For OU's, I would do the same. A will declare the same variable for several collection (department A, department B, department C, etc). If variable = RH, then would match the step where it registers the computer in RH OU.


I never did this, but I would like to know if anyone has setup something like this. Any other ideas would be great!


Thanks in advanced!

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