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Automatic Deployment Rules not working anymore

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My Automatic Deployment Rules aren't working anymore.

I get the following error : 0x87D20702 "Item not found in Site Control File".


In the ruleengine.log, I have the following errors :


Failed to read account (domain\user) from site control file (0x87D20702)

Failed to read account (k) from site control file (0x87D20702)

Failed to get proxy information from the site control file


The user which is mentioned on the error, is the account that was used for Software Update Point. I changed to another account one month ago, and since I change, the rules aren't working anymore. It seems that the new account hasn't been applied correctly.


How can I update the Site Control File to solve my problem ?


I've already reinstalled the software update point, it doesn't fix.


Thanks for your help.

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