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We are planning a Windows 10 deployment for the not to distant future and I am working on getting a new set of task sequences setup for this, incorporating some of the niggly things we've wanted to do for a long time but haven't had the time or patience.


One of those things is setting up the computers BIOS settings to our corporate setup. We are primarily all Dell computers, or varying ages, but the majority will run Dell CCTK commands, which is how we do the settings at the moment post task sequence.


I basically followed this article to setup the CCTK part of our task sequence (https://miketerrill.net/2015/08/31/automating-dell-bios-uefi-standards-for-windows-10/).


Under a Win PE 10 x86 boot image - I have a CCTK exe which changes the system to remove our standard password and use password. So when the rest of the commands are run (which require the password in the command line) the real password doesn't show in the log files. Another CCTK exe resets the password later. I have now found I need a x64 boot image, so I have done the normal import etc. etc. but the Dell CCTK exe which ran perfectly well under x86 now fails...


When I try to run it using the F8 command prompt I get a message saying "Subsystem needed to support the image type is not present" - the exe was made on an x64 machine and should be multi platform.


Has anyone else tried this and come up with a similar problem or a solution?


Thanks everyone


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Did you use the CCTK 64bit exe/files in your 64bit boot image? If not you will need to I would guess. We use CCTK where I work but we haven't run into your issue. I did run into that exact same error message when I was trying to run a 32bit only exe in 64bit boot image though so I would guess you need 64bit cctk files...



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