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Quiet installs for users

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Hi, just wondered if someone could help me,


I've created a distribution using the enterprise MSI for foxit reader. I've tested the install and uninstall commands with an elevated command prompt on my test machine and both install with silent installs no problem.



msiexec /i "FoxitReader734_enu_Setup.msi" /qn



msiexec /x {CC9C20CB-394A-40E9-AC56-3542D5F865AC} /q


Ive created a system install, and set the installation visibility to hidden, and the user can see it in the software centre, but when they install it, they get the full install wizard? it allows them to go though the install and finish it, but im trying to hide this part, which works ok from my command line install?


Any suggestions on why this behaviour is occurring?


Also, once they've run though the install, the installation status is showing as failed, even though its completed?



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You may want to try this command: /passive /norestart /quiet as documented here:





As for the "failed" installation status, it's likely something with the Detection Method that you're using. Go through this document, to understand what's likely happening and how to fix that:



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Thanks, I found the problem to be that the MSI Wrapper tool I used automatically puts a /q in the parameters, when trawling through the logs I saw the command it was executing was /q /qn, I removed the /qn from the SCCM command line and it works fine now. it also appears to show it as installed correctly now too which is a bonus! :)


Thanks for the links though, they also helped.

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