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Upgraded SCCM Server 2012R2 Site to 1511 - bitlocker builds failing.

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We have upgraded to 1511 successfully, but our Windows 7 Bitlocker Task sequences (HP Hardware) now fail to build.


DNS is fine, non bitlocker builds work fine, not made any changes to the TS since the upgrade...


Would upgrading to 1602 be worth a shot?


SMSTS.gog attached.


Thanks in advance






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Query 'SELECT * FROM Win32_Tpm' failed (0x80041013) OSDOfflineBitLocker 01/06/2016 16:43:10 1128 (0x0468)

Failed to run the action: Pre-provision BitLocker.

Provider load failure (Error: 80041013; Source: WMI) TSManager 01/06/2016 16:43:10 584 (0x0248)

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just put continue on error on that step, it's failing as no tpm was detected on that step (virtual hardware ?)

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On the laptop (Model: HP 6360b), i have ran the Task Sequence which uses the hpConfigx64.exe to enable the TPM chip. the laptop reboots after setting the bios password and enabling the tpm.


If i run this command on the machine in WinPE, it shows that the TS has enabled the TPM:-


D:\>wmic /namespace:\\root\cimv2\security\microsofttpm path win32_tpm get /value
SpecVersion=1.2, 2, 2
But the error from the smsts.log is:-
Query 'SELECT * FROM Win32_Tpm' failed
We have the option to upgrade to 1602 for SCCM, but I don't think that this will fix it?

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