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Domain Controller win't reach gateway or other networks after network failover

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Yesterday we hade an unwanted network failover in our "user network". After this failover our physical domain controller won't reach outside the current subnet. Our virtual DC work just like it should.

Both domain controllers is running DNS and DHCP. The problem seems to be tied to the IP-Adress on the failing DC, when we change the static IP-adress to another the network communications seems fine. Our network technicians thinks it is a ARP problem, but we tried to clear the ARP cache without success.

Any help or tips is very appreciated!

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2

Kind Regards,


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Which ARP caches have you cleared?


Also check the arp tables on the physical DC - we have one server that seems to keep creating an incorrect static ARP entry for the gateway IP when it reboots.

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