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Enable OneDrive on Existing Installations

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Hi Everyone. First time here, thanks for reading.


When I first deployed Office 2013 my org wanted nothing to do with OneDrive, so I removed OneDrive via OCT in "set feature installation states" and in addition, used the "block signing in to Office" setting found in the OCT under Features > Modify user settings > MS Office 2013 > Misc. Now, they want to use OneDrive.


To reverse those earlier customizations, I need to make sure I change the right things. Here 's what I think I need to do:


1. Configure the "Org ID Only" setting via OCT in the MSP file used for Office deployments, then update the content on the DP.

2. Configure and enable the same setting via the User GPO found in User Config > Policies > Admin Templates > MS Office 2013/Misc > "Block signing into Office".


The intent is that the first change affects new deployments going forward, and the second overrides that change in the MSP when GPO is applied. Is this right? Or, would the change to the MSP apply to existing installations after the content is updated on the DP and clients complete hardware inventory cycles? Do DP content updates to existing installations of software work like that? Or, would I need to send out a whole new deployment?


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