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Query to locate all Quicktime Installs

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Hi folks -


With the recent information regarding Quicktime on Windows, I need to get a report of all the computers within our organisation that have Quicktime installed.


Unfortunately, I am having problems with writing the query required, as I get different results, that also appear rather small (though we suspect ~10 installs on Win7, we believe that the numbers on WinXP should push us closer to 100-150 machines instead of the 20/26 we have)


What I am using at the moment is


From v_Gs_SoftwareFile SF
Join v_R_System SD on SD.ResourceId = SF.ResourceId
Where SF.FileName Like '%Quicktimeplayer%'

Order By SD.Name0, SF.FileName


Which looks for the executable itself. This gives me a different total from


WHERE a.ResourceID = c.ResourceID
AND a.DisplayName0 like '%Quicktime%'
GROUP BY c.Name0, a.DisplayName0
ORDER BY c.name0


That displays any versions of Quicktime present in the Add/Remove.


Is there a better method out there for this sort of task?

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Thanks for that info, Garth. made that change (also applied it to a couple of other reports I've created to confirm I have accurate numbers)


Still only brings up a very low number (only added 1 to the total), guess the folks out and about haven't tried installing it on many machines since we upgraded them.


Thank you for the tip - If there is another method out there though, can anyone expand on Garth's tip?

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