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Adding VM to SCCM for PXE boot

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Hello all,


New(er) to SCCM. I have experience packaging applications, setting them up in SCCM, and deploying to collections. I don't however have experience creating reference images and the subsequent task sequences for deployment.


I followed anyweb's guide: https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/4045-step-by-step-guides-system-center-2012-r2-configuration-manager/


I have a blank local Oracle box ready to boot. I have created the boot image and installation image. I then created the task sequence and deployed to my "Build and Capture Windows 7 x64" collection.


I manually imported my VM, "win7_test". It shows up in devices. It won't however add to my collection. It has been a couple hours now and I have updated the collection multiple times, why?


Also - is this a typical approach to creating the reference image? If I can PXE boot and lay down Windows, I want to do full updates and install the office suite and our VPN software and build a TS off of this for each one of our machines which would include the "base software".


Sorry if this is a silly question, had trouble searching for an answer.

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It's not clear what you are asking.


Creating a reference image it's a good practice if you want to include several things by default in your windows. Things I would recommend Frameworks or dependencies, or even settings.


When you create the WIM file, add this image to SCCM and create a new task sequence that will use this image. Change the task sequence and add other applications that are needed.


The reason not to include applications on the reference image is that you will have to recreate the image every time you have new versions. This way you only have to change a step in your task sequence. Hope it helps!



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