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Given: domain: firma.local It installed SCVMM 2012 r2 under the domain: a.firma.local. It has a cluster named: cluster.a.firma.local cluster node 2: node1.a.firma.local and node2.a.firma.local task, connect cluster.a.firma.local cluster SCVMM 2012 r2.

Configured run as an account, I try to add a cluster of error pops up:



rechecked everything that is written there - everything is normal. In the DNS A record for all three present name. All names resolvyatsya and Ping. Rights in a domain is. Firewall - off. Not connected cluster. I decided to make knight's move, and ordered all three nodes in the hosts file. Not podklyuchaetsya. I tried to connect nodes poodelnosti. On node1.a.firma.local pops up the same error, but node2.a.firma.local be and can be connected to it. I rechecked everything again. In iron and all of the same settings. Agents set locally, stepping on each node. Does not work. Tell me where and what else can you see?


UPD: made experiment, destroyed the cluster tried to add nodes individually - seeing all nodes. You can add. Assembled on a new cluster - the same error.

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