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SCCM Image Deployment - Massive Delay in Applying WIM

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Morning all,

Throwing this one out there to any SCCM peeps as this is one issue I have not seen before (and I thought I had seen them all).

Have a Lenovo M73 Tiny PC which has been building fine through our environment for 2 years up to about 5 weeks ago (no major changes on a system level).
During the WIM download/install phase I am seeing a MASSIVE delay of about an hour straight after the download of the WIM to when it should then go straight into Applying the WIM.
Anyone seen this before? All other machines and Images are fine so cant be a server issue, any image that's applied to this model of machine now has this hour long pause/hang.

I have attached a portion of the log staring out the server name for security and have spaced out the middle section of interest.


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BUMP - Anyone with any ideas on this one?


Just created 2 new boot images both x86 and x64 from a fresh Windows ADK 10 install and still have the same issue.

The fact that is used to work fine still has me completely baffled on this.


Will try injecting some Storage drivers tomorrow into the boot image to see if that will make any difference at all but the only relevant driver I can find is the Intel Rapid Storage driver which i can't see working.

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Thanks Anyweb, long time fan and avid follower! Was thanks to your site I got into SCCM and certified back in 2012 release.


I will give the PowerCFG a try tomorrow along with injecting some storage drivers and BIOS update.

I don't understand why its just happened and the logs are little use.

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