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Windows 10 - 1152.2 image build "Getting ready" for hours during SCCM Task Sequence.



I'm still fairly new to enterprise image building and have only worked with custom Windows 10 images, nothing prior.

That said, I had flawless Windows 10 images being PXE deployed up until Microsoft released the 1152 upgrade.

After the 1152 upgrade my Window 10 deployment to a new computer went from 20-40 minutes up to 2-4 hours. The process hangs on the "Getting ready" and "Finalizing your settings" screens.

*You can see in the log the process hanging at 12:56pm and resuming at 2:50pm. OSDSetupHook.exe is where this process ALWAYS hangs.

Tools I utilize to deploy images:

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT 2013 Update 2),

Microsoft Assessment and Deployment Kit,

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM 2012 R2 Version 1602) (5.0.8355.1306),

Hyper-V Manager

The steps I take to deploy images:

1. Download Windows 10 1152.2 from MS Volume Licensing website

2. Add Operating System into MDT and create new Standard Client Task Sequence

3. Add cscript.exe %SCRIPTROOT%\LTISuspend.wsf prior to the Imaging section of my MDT task sequence

4. Update DepolymentShare

5. Use the LiteTouchPE_x64.iso to boot a new Hyper-V and wait for the task sequence to hit the Suspend command.

6. While the image is suspended I manually add all the applications our company uses, disable telemtry, powershell script to rip out bloatware, install Office365ProPlus Click-to-run, create LayoutModification.xml for a custom start menu.

7. I will then create a Checkpoint named "Image prior to Sysprep" so I can revert to make changes or install updates.

8. Click the Resume Task Sequence to capture the .wim file

9. Upload the captured .wim into SCCM and tie it into a task sequence that formats and partitions the hard drive, pre-provisions BitLocker, applys the custom .wim operating system, applys the serial number, installs device specific drivers, joins the domain, installs Configuration Manager Client, installs MBAM 2.5 SP1 client, installs updates, applys group policy, and enables BitLocker

The issue is that during the SCCM task sequence, prior to installing the Configuration Manager Client, the process hangs on the "Getting ready" and "Finalizing your settings" screens. It will stay on here for 2-4 hours until the task sequence bar returns and finishes the last 4 steps.

I've tried countless tips, tricks, different installation methods, etc trying to get the image back down to a reasonable install time.

I have even deployed an image with no configuration changes or additional software installed, a default Windows 10 image, and it still takes hours to deploy.

If anyone has some insight or has a better deployment method, I would love to get the communities opinion.

I have attached screenshots of the MDT and SCCM task sequences. I can also post anything else you guys request.






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Our SCCM task sequence is a tad different. It's a bit longer and ours is an MDT aided task sequence (with the gather and use toolkit package, etc)

Have you integrated MDT with SCCM and can you use that?

I notice that ours lays down the image, runs a gather then runs the apply windows and network settings steps.
Then there's a Configure step that runs before the Setup Windows and Config Mgr step. We never have had it take longer than 90 minutes to complete our imaging.


Is that out of the realm of possibility for you to be able to use?

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Hi thadkew,


Thanks for replying.


I do have MDT integrated into SCCM but I've never understood the benefit of having it integrated and I continue to use MDT separately inside DeploymentWorkbench.


Would it be possible at all to share your task sequence layout with me?

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