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SUP Group Icons

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Hi all,


I've a couple of rules in my ConfigMgr to apply Office Updates and Windows Updates.


Both are running fine but the group icons change a bit during the month. Since my rules are running every month, to retrieve the updates from last 30 days, I was wondering if makes any sense to remove the updates that expired or not. I mean, next month probably the new updates will replace the old ones in a new group I assume.


THank you in advance for any comments on this.


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I always remove the expired/superseded updates from my groups. This is because all of these groups will be installed on freshly imaged machines and you don't want an expired/superseded update being deployed. Also from my understanding the updates wont get removed from the database until they are no longer actively being deployed.


Also I prefer to see all green rather than yellow/red/black.

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